Estimated Cruise Vacation Cost

A transatlantic cruise can be a tremendous value or a very expensive trip. Just like any expense it pays to shop around and find the best deal and depends greatly on how you manage your day to day expenses while on your trip. Here is a summary of our expenses on our transatlantic vacation:

  • Transatlantic Cruise tickets - $819:We purchased a 14-day transatlantic cruise for 2 on the Grandeur of the Seas from Palma to Colon, Panama for $337.20/ticket plus port taxes and fees or $72.12/ticket. The tickets also included a total of $200 onboard ship credit.
  • Cruise tips - $285:Tipping will add up especially on a long transatlantic cruise. We ended up tipping a total of $285 to our cruise staff. The cruise line recommended tipping was $11.85 per day.
  • Flights - $953:We used miles to reduce our flight expenses. We purchased flights from Charlotte to Madrid, Madrid to Palma, and then return flights from Panama City to Charlotte to complete our trip.
  • Hotels - $74: We used hotel points to book 4 out of the 5 hotel nights before and after the cruise. We shopped around and ended up purchasing 1 night in a hotel in Palma on Orbtiz.
  • Food- $322:All the food on the cruise ship except the alcohol/soft drinks was provided. My wife and I stuck to ice tea/lemonade (complimentary) to keep the food costs down. Our primary food expenses were alcohol and meals before and after the cruise.
  • Other Transportation - $341: This included a guided tour of the Panama Canal, transportation between Colon & Panama City, and public transportation in Madrid, Palma, and Panama City.
  • Gifts/Souvenirs - $210: This included gifts for friends and family, as well as tokens of our appreciation for those taking care of our daughter and pet while we were on our trip.
  • Misc/Museums - $56:This included some museum expenses before and after our transatlantic cruise.

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